The godley grind team

Patti Rooks

Owner and Founder of Godley Grind

Patti has been a foster mother to hundreds of children, and is a mother to 20. After years of watching her children struggle to find employers that would give them a chance, she founded Godley Grind Coffee Company in order to provide stable employment for her own children and others affected by the foster care system. Through training, leadership development, love, and understanding,  employees at Godley Grind are intentionally prepared to thrive in adulthood.

Pam Spence

Cake Artist and Pastry Chef

Pam has been fostering and adopting young people for the last 18 years. She has fostered over 100 children, and has adopted 12. Along with her passion for foster care, Pam is an accomplished specialty baker. She creates unique cakes and pastries for the Godley Grind.

James Word

Brand Ambassador

I am a husband of one and father of 8. I am from Texas (I know, no need to say anymore). I love the Lord, love my wife, love my kids, love my neighbor.

Ashley Rooks


Ashley joined the Godley Grind team in 2020. Her work ethic and friendly smile advanced her to become a barista and a trainer of new employees. She is a dedicated mother, sister, daughter, and asset to the team.

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